Margaret Bjorkstrand – Life Changing Moments

Margaret Bjorkstrand  smiling

When Margaret Bjorkstrand enrolled in a 4-year college out of state directly after high school, she quickly realized small town life wasn’t for her. She moved back to Minneapolis and found a great fit at Minneapolis College, a campus located on the edge of Downtown close to where she grew up.

Bjorkstrand found housing near campus where she could live on her own and easily get to class and her part-time job. “When I started school, I quickly recognized I needed mental health support,” said Bjorkstrand, who was able to get a same day appointment in the counseling center at the College.

“I sought counseling because I know I do better with encouragement, support and advocacy,” said Bjorkstrand. “After talking through the challenges I’d been facing, my counselor recognized how intertwined my mental health was to college life and recommended I test for ADHD. This was a pivotal point in my education and literally changed my trajectory.”  

After receiving a diagnosis of ADHD, Bjorkstrand worked closely with her counselor to develop tools and strategies for success. The effectiveness of their work together led Margaret on a new life path.

“Once I complete my coursework at Minneapolis College, I will be pursuing a degree in communication at Arizona State University. Ultimately, I hope to be an ADHD Life Coach,” said Bjorkstrand , who appreciates the myriad strategies outside of medication that help her succeed in school.

“I’m pulling together a comprehensive curriculum so I can one day use it to support young adults, like me, who were diagnosed with ADHD later in life. I know what it feels like not to know what to do once you receive a diagnosis and want to create a human connection to support other people in finding the best path for their own success.” 

Bjorkstrand credits the close-knit community at Minneapolis College as a key to her success.

“I feel surrounded and energized every day by students who are aspiring toward something great,” said Bjorkstrand who also credits small class sizes, and attentive faculty and staff as critically important. “Everyone I’ve met at the College is happy to be there. Students are from an array of age groups and from all walks of life. We are all connected by our choice to be there, working hard toward our dreams.”

“I am beyond happy with my choice to transfer to Minneapolis College,” said Bjorkstrand. “As soon as I enrolled and attended classes, all my fears disappeared. The teachers are amazing and I’ve had countless life changing moments in my time at the College.”

"Before receiving support from Minneapolis College, I was overwhelmed by the concept that I needed to be on the 4-year path that is constantly promoted,” said Bjorkstrand.

“I was on the verge of quitting academics and my counselor refused to let me quit. She provided encouragement by reassuring me that wherever I am, is where I need to be.” She believes we all have our own journey and this needs to be normalized and supported. “I am beyond grateful my individual journey was validated at Minneapolis College. It gave me direction and purpose that I now live with today. "