Faculty & Staff Resources

In the event that routine work or academic functions are disrupted due to prolonged campus or building closures, you may find it necessary to work or teach a class from off campus. We provide a variety of services to connect you with colleagues and students remotely so that work and learning can continue uninterrupted.

In preparation, you should make sure you have tested your access to the following equipment at home: 

  • Laptop 

  • Microphone - this may be built into your laptop or you may use an external device such as a USB microphone or headset. 

  • Webcam - a camera may already be built into your laptop, but you can also use an external USB camera for video conferencing.  

  • Internet - either commercially provided (e.g., Comcast, CenturyLink), wireless hotspot or hotspot through your mobile phone. 

Be prepared! It's best to know these options will work for you before you actually need them. Test access to your equipment and resources at home before the need arises and contact the IT Service Desk if you have any questions or issues.  

Tech support Online

The IT Service Desk will be hosting drop-in Zoom hours 8:00am – 4:30pm Monday March 30th - Friday April 3rd. Simply connect to the meeting using this link and a technician will be available to assist you. Join the ITS Zoom Meeting.

D2L Support Online

We have several options for training/questions regarding D2L

D2L Questions - Drop in Hours (Faculty):

Teaching Remotely

At Minneapolis College, all courses have a course shell automatically created in D2L BrightSpace. Login to D2L below using your StarID and password.

Communicate with your class through D2L 

  • Announcements are an ideal way to post time-sensitive information critical to course success. Add announcements for due dates for assignments and projects, changes to your syllabus, corrections/clarifications of materials, and exam schedules. Advise students to change their notifications settings to allow and Announcements to be forwarded to their email.  

  • Email  Send an email to the entire class at once or email certain individuals via the Classlist in D2L Brightspace. 

  • Online discussions allow students to take time to ponder before they post ideas. You can observe as students demonstrate their grasp of the material and correct misconceptions. You can extend your office hours and reach students more often during the week so that learning is continuous. 

  • On your D2L course home page include your contact information, including email and phone number.

  • Consider offering office hours through Zoom.

  • Sample template of a news announcement you can place in their course to inform them of changes.

Set-up a Class Discussion

Creating a discussion in D2L Brightspace is an efficient and easy way for instructors to ask and answer questions and for students to discuss course materials. Your course can have multiple forums and topics. You must create a forum before you can create a topic.

Share Documents and Information 

You can provide course material to students through D2L Brightspace. It provides a place for storing a syllabus and course materials. 

  • Add a module A module is a folder-like container for content topics 

  • Add content topics Individual items are ‘topics’ and can be files or documents you upload (syllabus, PowerPoint files, Excel, PDFs, etc…) or links to other activities in the course.   

Assess your students 

Record a Lecture 

  • Kaltura Capture allows you to easily record audio, video, and your computer screen, and integrates with D2L BrightSpace. Watch this video on how to make a Zoom recording and upload it to Kaltura MediaSpace or you can follow this step-by-step guide
  • Zoom to record a video session with or without your students, then post the video in your D2L course in Announcements, Discussions, and/or Email. After recording, Zoom will email you a link to the recording. Learn more about Zoom below.

Connecting to Others Remotely 

Minneapolis College & Minnesota State offer a couple great ways to meet, chat and/or teach online 

Hold a Class or Meeting Online

Zoom Meetings provides a robust platform for online collaboration and meetings, pairing full video and audio conferencing capabilities with content sharing and cloud recording. There are features in Zoom that allow you to replicate the classroom experience including screen sharing, whiteboards, breakout rooms, and sharing videos with sound.  Log in to Zoom Meetings to automatically create your account. Students, faculty, and staff automatically receive fully licensed accounts. Once logged in, download the Zoom Client for Meetings from the Zoom Download Center on your home computer to access the full benefits of Zoom. For a quick and persistent way for someone to meet with you, locate your Personal Meeting ID to share with others. 

Login to Zoom - Click on the Sign In button and use your StarID and password.

Microsoft Teams combines modern online meeting technology with persistent chat (similar to Skype), file storage, and collaboration. The full functionality of teams is available to faculty and staff, but anyone you invite can join a Teams meeting. To get started you can log in to Microsoft Teams from your web browser or download the Teams app.

Access Your Minneapolis College Voicemail

Even when you are away from the office, there are several options for accessing voicemail. Your voicemails are delivered to your email account and can be listened to from there. You can also check your voicemail off campus using the following steps:

  • Dial 612-659-6400
  • Press # when you hear the musical tone to enter the voicemail system
  • Enter your 4-digit phone extension
  • Enter your personal pin number

Files in the Cloud

When you save your files in your OneDrive, you can always access the latest version of your files no matter where you're located as long as you're connected to the internet. 


Contact Accessibility Resource Center to learn more about the services and support they provide to ensure that students are able to access and participate in the opportunities available at Minneapolis College. 


Adobe has provided temporary at-home access for impacted students and faculty, so that they can continue their work remotely. Please view our knowledge article on how to enable access to Creative Cloud Desktop Apps on your personal device.

Other Faculty Resources Available

On our campus and at the system level, resources are being augmented to help faculty use D2L for remote instruction.

Resources provided by Minnesota State can be found through their Academic Continuity webpage, where you will find:

  • Quick Start Guides - This guide provides some how-to videos and step-by-step instructions to help instructors and students perform some common tasks as they explore alternate modes of delivery.

  • Drop in Sessions – A team of staff members from Minnesota State have scheduled Drop-In Sessions via Zoom to assist any faculty member who may need assistance using the available educational technologies to which our community has access. A full schedule of these drop-in sessions is available on the ASA Events Calendar

  • One-on-One Sessions - If you require one-on-one assistance with a staff member, please use this electronic tool to reserve time with a staff member to work one-on-one via web conference (Zoom). 

ASA Events Calendar: You can find a full calendar of trainings offered by the System Office as well as a schedule for drop-in sessions (see above) in this calendar.

Members of a local support team, consisting of faculty and staff, are also available for one-on-one training/troubleshooting.

These sessions can be arranged by submitting an ITS Service Request. Please include the following: 

  1. How you would like to meet, in person, online through Zoom or over the phone? 
  2. A few dates and times you are available. 
  3. The topic you would like to focus on. 

Weekend / Evening Support is available from the Minnesota State Service Desk.

More Resources:

  • CTL Newsletter: Members of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) are posting helpful information for faculty in relation to academic continuity 
  • Keep Teaching and Keep Learning Resources: A spreadsheet of resources that you can add to and draw from; open to all faculty and students to make contributions.


Please submit a ticket to the Minneapolis College IT Service Desk or call 612-659-6600.