Career Readiness Mentorship Program

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Career Readiness Mentorship Program

The Career Services department has recognized the need to connect our students, who predominantly identify as individuals of color, with mentors aligning with their major and career choices.

Career Ready Mentorship Activities

November: Introduction/Mentor & Mentee Agreement

  • Ice breaker, mentor introduction, mentee interests, agreement and expectations, and goals

December: CliftonStrengths/Goals

  • Review the 2-4 goals documented from your first meeting and check progress. Mentor discusses Mentee's strengths and provides insight on how to aim their strengths toward that career field  

January: Industry Trends

  • Discuss how current events have changed current career fields?  Example: Remote work
  • Discuss social justice/equity/inclusion initiatives and advise on how to maneuver within a career field during these times

February: Informational Interview

  • Mentor facilitates an informational interview with professional within their network for their mentee (Note: can be major/career/field specific)

March: Resume/LinkedIn

  • Mentee submits resume to mentor no less than 1 week prior to the monthly meeting
  • Mentor provides feedback for mentee’s resume
  • Mentor helps student to build a LinkedIn profile
  • Mentor provides career-specific resume advice (if applicable)
    • Also discuss potential company-specific resume advice

April: Mock Interview

  • Tips in answering questions?  How to dress?  Questions to prepare for interview?  How to prepare for an interview?

May: Celebrate

  • Wrap up reflection on experience
  • Celebrate via a virtual celebration party hosted by Career Services. Virtual Celebration event to be announced soon!