Celebrating Academic Success 

The Academic Success Center at Minneapolis College is well known on campus for its commitment to providing a safe and comfortable learning environment that fosters respect. The center is committed to helping students learn more effectively and independently. At the center, we believe every student can succeed. 

When classes shifted to an online format last year, our staff and peer tutors collaborated with students, faculty members, and departments to transition our services to the online educational environment. We employed a variety of technological resources, so we could provide virtual tutoring services in a range of subjects including writing, math, logic, biology, nursing and chemistry. 

I understand it takes a great deal of courage for many students to ask for help. The Academic Success Center provides a safe space for students to connect on a peer-to-peer level. Students obtain mentoring and coaching to overcome academic challenges.

The Academic Success Center has 40 peer tutors, 5 volunteer tutors, and 4 staff tutors offering more than 1,340 hours of academic support to students. Special recognition is given for the superior professionalism, exceptional communication, versatility, empathy and reliability of our staff.

I am proud of the work of our students and staff. Without the hard work and dedication of the tutors, volunteers, and staff, the Academic Success Center wouldn’t be possible.


April Hanson
Director of Academic Success Center

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