Dear Donors and Partners:

We are grateful for the support you have provided our students. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and sponsorship of students utilizing the Minneapolis College Student Support Center. Your generosity and relationships have removed many barriers to allow our students to succeed academically. Your kindness improves the quality of life for our students and community.

The Student Support Center can provide many services to students. These services include but are not limited to counseling, resource and referral services, the student parent center, and helping resolve financial emergencies.


College can be a time of new beginnings and excitement as well as a time of transition, uncertainty, and change for students. Students experiencing difficulties in life and/or academics, can meet with a counselor where they can discuss issues of concern as well as personal and academic goals. Counseling services are free and confidential. Counselors offer crisis, individual, and group counseling. A free on-line mental health screening is also available to students. Counselors also offer monthly programming for students based on coping strategies, adaption, self-care and boundaries.

Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities (OSRR)

This office manages all student complaint and student conduct matters through systematic processes to ensure that students receive due process. The OSRR also has oversight for the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT). BIT consists of college managers and administrators that receive reports of concern for students. The Team offers outreach for students exhibiting concerning behavior. Finally, the OSRR offers a mediation program, R.O.O.T. Resolving Our Own Troubles.

Resource and Referral Center (R & R)

The Resource and Referral Center connects our currently enrolled students with supportive community networks, resources and opportunities to ease obstacles interfering with their success. Through referrals, direct service and outside agency coordination, our students gain access, information and support to address specific needs and gain self-sufficiency. We connect students to community and government agencies, healthcare providers and other partner organizations to address their immediate and/or long-term needs and goals. Students gain enhanced knowledge of navigating the systems on and off campus, expanding their network of support.

The center currently is collocated with Hennepin County Services. A case manager from the county provides weekly drop-in services for students. The Center hosts community resource fairs and workshops throughout the year to explore, expand and strengthen ties to the community and provide important resources for students. The center has a well-established food pantry that serves students and their families.

Students are also provided free snack packs or lunches. Students can apply for free emergency aid to assist them in unforeseen circumstances. The center hosts annual school supply, winter weather gear, Thanksgiving meals, and Toys for Tots drives.

Students can receive the following referral and services:

  • Emergency Shelter
  • Supportive/Transitional Housing Resources
  • Shelters
  • Ex-offender/re-entry resources
  • Child Care Resources
  • Parenting Support
  • Low/Reduced or Free Health Care
  • Chemical/Mental Health Program Referrals
  • Meals
  • Clothing
  • County/State Benefits
  • Free Legal Aid
  • Transportation Assistance.

Student Parent Center (SPC)

The SPC is a comfortable place where student parents/guardians can study, use computers, attend our Student Parent Group meetings and other events or simply relax, while on campus. Any student parent/guardian of minor children, who follows the SPC expectations and rules, may use the SPC. Students may be accompanied by their children while using the Center or utilize the space on their own.

We provide child friendly activities and toys as well as snacks. The Center is not a daycare or drop-in site and children must always be accompanied by a parent or guardian. A lactation room and refrigerator along with lockers are available for student mothers.

In 2019 Minneapolis College participated in the #Real College Survey sponsored by the Hope Center. We learned the following overall basic needs insecurity rates for our students:

  • 45% of respondents experienced food insecurity in the prior 30 days
  • 60% of respondents experienced housing insecurity in the previous year
  • 27% of respondents experienced homelessness in the previous year
  • 69% of students at Minneapolis Community and Technical College experienced at least one of these forms of basic needs insecurity in the past year.

Your support has greatly impacted our students, their families and ultimately our community. The Student Support Center currently serves about 10% of the Minneapolis College student population. The collaboration with our many community partners has permitted us to provide a convenient one-stop shop of resources for our students.

Through partnerships with faith-based organizations, St. Marks, the Basilica of St. Mary’s and First Unitarian Church, we were able to provide free bag lunches to students twice a week. Our partnership with the local food shelf, Groveland, enables us to create an on-campus food pantry, which students can access once a week.

Also, our collocation with Hennepin County and strong partnerships with community agencies including Community Action Partnership of Hennepin County, Familywise, Inc., and Legal Aid has allowed us to offer on-campus services ranging from food support, housing case management, legal services, parenting education, and more. These services do not pause during the winter and summer school breaks. We found that our most vulnerable students have the highest needs during this time; therefore, we continue to provide our services year-round.

We rely on grants and donations to provide student resources and support. Currently our student Outreach Coordinator is a part time position funded through grant and student life dollars. We need to provide better student service when it comes to housing. We have a need and desire to gain a student housing coordinator.

This coordinator will help current students in the housing market. They would work with students and community members to develop connections and advocate for the housing needs of students. In addition, they would work with property managers and landlords to create greater access to housing for students.

We invite you to be a partner in joining Minneapolis College in our efforts to raise funding to support our students with food, housing and other emergency needs. Please consider participating in Give to the Max Day. Your contributions can provide opportunities and aid students in reaching their academic dreams and goals.

In thanksgiving,
Becky Nordin
Dean of Students

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