Policy 6.09


Policy for Usage of State-Owned Cell Phones


Part 1. Purpose

To provide guidelines to College personnel on the use of state-owned cell phones.

Part 2. Eligibility and Approval

Cellular phones may be provided to certain Minneapolis College personnel to conduct activities incident to their College employment that cannot be conducted on a land-line telephone or for which it would be inefficient to use a land-line telephone. Requests for cell phones must be approved by the employees supervisor (who will determine legitimate need), the budget officer for the employees department, and the Minneapolis College Information Technology Division which will provide advise on state-contracted services and the most appropriate equipment and plans.

Part 3. Personal Calls

Minneapolis College provides cellular telephones to employees for the purpose of conducting College business. The use of state-owned cellular equipment to make or receive personal calls is prohibited.

Date of Adoption: 6/1/12005

Date of Implementation (if different from from adoption date):

Date of Last Review: 6/1/2005

Date and Subject of Revisions: