Minneapolis College’s Equity Statement


In this moment of unprecedented unrest for the City of Minneapolis and the greater Twin Cities area from which we draw the students we serve, the leadership of Minneapolis College would like to reaffirm our commitment to equity, inclusion and supporting the success of all of our community members.

For many, recent events may be singularly about the unlawful killing of George Floyd. Others of us are primarily concerned with safety for ourselves, loved ones, neighborhoods and landmarks or frustrated for those who have suffered from impacts of the social unrest. For those of us deeply invested in social justice, the events may represent the hijacking of peaceful protesting or co-opting of a liberation movement. The perspectives regarding recent events are nearly as numerous as are the residents of our tired cities.

Many may be currently struggling to meet basic needs, to find transportation, to find a place to buy food, diapers and other necessities. Anonymous notes, hate crimes and threats stoke fear in these neighborhoods and reach beyond city boundaries into the surrounding suburbs. Anti-racist activists and those more oriented on public safety struggle to grasp one another’s positions.

As an anchor institution in Minneapolis, we are prepared and committed to do everything possible to support all the residents of our city through this time which many describe as fear that will be destructive to our way of life.

We reaffirm:

  • Addressing individual acts of racism, overt or veiled, is not enough. Our college, as our society, must dismantle and rebuild systems that perpetuate privilege for some while disadvantaging the majority of those whom we serve.
  • Making progress with our challenges begins with each of us. It is imperative that we begin by not being part of the problem. We must recognize and acknowledge that we do not share the same experiences nor perspectives as one another.
  • We recognize that, to be effective, our pedagogy, policies and services must reflect and embrace the diversity of our community in order to thwart the harm caused by color-blind racism.

Minneapolis College declares itself an Anti-Racist Institution. Simultaneously, we understand that this is a journey and to make this stance operable, we must commit to:

  • Creating venues for underrepresented voices.
  • Undergoing anti-bias training and self-reflection.
  • Ensuring our measures of success are, in part, crafted by those we serve.
  • Providing multicultural services and approaches, seeking parity in outcomes.
  • Improving intercultural capacity.
  • Centering process improvement on the student experience and undergoing rigorous efforts to dismantle institutional practices with deleterious racial impacts.
  • Ensuring equity in all aspects of employment.