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“The individual attention I received while completing my A.S. in Mathematics at MCTC helped me focus my passion for mathematics into a successful academic career. MCTC's small class sizes and dedicated teachers gave me an advantage over my peers at the University of Minnesota's upper division Mathematics program in the Institute of Technology where I completed a B.S. in Mathematics in 2009. I plan to attend the University of Minnesota’s graduate program in Mathematics in the fall of 2010.”

- Jim Kolles, Alum

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Program description

MCTC’s innovative math program encourages exploration and serves a diverse population. If you plan to continue math studies at a four-year college or university or need refresher courses to prepare you for other majors, the math program offers extensive support at all math levels.

Program start and location

Students can begin the program in the fall or spring. Classes take place at various sites throughout campus and also online. 

Degree options and requirements

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Mathematics A.S. Degree—60 credits

What you will learn

  • MCTC offers a comprehensive collection of courses from developmental through second year calculus.
  • MCTC’s Math department provides a range of developmental courses that allow you to begin a mathematics sequence at a stage appropriate to their numeracy level.
  • The department also provides service courses you need for technology, business and liberal arts programs and provides the major sequence courses for you if you intend to transfer in Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, Engineering and Health Professions.
  • MCTC ensures that completing your Freshman/Sophomore math sequence will prepare you to transfer as a junior at four-year schools on more than equal terms with your non-transfer peers.

Points of pride

  • The MCTC Math Department math department encourages exploration and evaluation of innovative approaches to teaching mathematics.
  • The MCTC Math Club provides an engaging environment to further your interest in mathematical problem solving and mathematical theory.
  • The MCTC Math Department encourages you to participate in the Student Mathematics League (SML) competition. The SML consists of more than 165 colleges in more than 35 states involving over eight thousand community college math students.
  • MCTC offers mini-sessions and tutors to help you with coursework.

Where you could work

  • Actuary Companies
  • Operations Research
  • Statistical Consulting Firms
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  • Universities
  • Research Institutions
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Potential job titles

  • Math Teacher
  • Actuary
  • Computer Scientist
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  • Operations Research Scientist
  • Biomathematician
  • Cryptography specialist
  • Financial Analyst
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Occupational outlook released a study in 2009 that listed mathematician as the top job in the United States. An A.S. degree in Mathematics is especially useful in that it serves as the foundation for a wide range of careers and fields of study, including a computer information technology, business and statistics.

Beyond-the-classroom opportunities

There are numerous opportunities to engage in student study groups while studying Mathematics at MCTC. You may also choose to participate in Math Club, Engineering Club or in Student Mathematics League competitions.


This program is part of the Academy of Science and Mathematics.

Articulation Agreements and Common Course Outlines

Please contact the program dean for information about articulation agreements.

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Articulation agreements

Common Course Outlines

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