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Educational Programs

Theater Arts


Program description

The Theater Arts program, which has cross-disciplinary connections with Filmmaking, Video and Digital Arts, Art, Music, English and Humanities gives you a solid base in classical, modern, contemporary and multicultural theater. With professional theater artists as your teachers, you will learn through doing in a program that integrates the artistic, technical and academic disciplines of theater practice.

Program start and location

Fall enrollment is recommended. Classes are held on the MCTC campus.

Degree options and requirements

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A.F.A Degree in Theater Arts—60 credits

What you will learn

  • MCTC’s A.F.A. in Theater Arts will give you training in the basic skills necessary for creative expression in the performance and technical aspects of the Theater Arts, and, if you choose, provide you with the ability to transfer to a B.A. or B.F.A. degree in theater. It will also qualify you for the first half of a cooperative B.A. degree in Theater Arts with Metropolitan State University, the only state college or university outside of the University of Minnesota to offer a B.A. degree in Theater Arts in the Twin Cities.
  • You may choose an emphasis in acting, directing or technical theater skills. You will also learn to interpret and understand global theater history as well as contemporary and classical dramatic literature.
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  • Your instructors will be theater artists with professional experience and graduate degrees in theater. Their classes focus on developing the fundamentals of acting, stage movement, vocal production, play directing and producing, scene design and lighting, playwriting and written and oral response to theater.
  • The theater Department’s stage productions will serve as your learning laboratory, an opportunity to enter into creative collaborations with faculty, community members and artists-in-residence. You may find yourself acting, directing, designing or viewing productions at any given time to learn all aspects of the theater experience, from lab theater to the Main stage. The productions and your coursework combine to give you a solid base in classical, modern, contemporary and multicultural theater.
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Points of pride

  • MCTC instructors bring the Theater Arts to life. These professional educators also hold advanced degrees in the Theater Arts and bring acting and directing experience as artists with many local and national theaters.
  • You may find yourself acting, directing, designing or viewing productions at any given time. Students can participate in three Main stage productions each year, entering into creative collaborations with faculty, community members and artists-in-residence.
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  • Let the stage be your learning lab. Experience the exhilaration of performing on three different stages—proscenium, thrust stage or black box—as part of the program’s faculty-directed productions.
  • The program’s smaller size fosters faculty and student interaction and creates a more personal learning experience.
  • MCTC is in the heart of a vibrant theater community that includes and multiple downtown stages, including the internationally acclaimed Guthrie theater.
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Where you could work

  • Local, regional and national theater companies
  • Music, dance and opera companies
  • Local and regional TV production
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  • Local and regional film production
  • Local and regional commercial production houses
  • Live event production agencies
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Potential job titles

  • Actor
  • Artistic director
  • Producer
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  • Announcer
  • Stagehand
  • Lighting designer
  • Director/assistant director
  • Casting director/assistant
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Occupational outlook

Employment for Actors, Directors and Producers is expected to grow 11 percent during the 2008–18 decade, about as fast as the average for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Attendance at live theater performances should continue to be steady, and drive employment of stage actors, producers and directors.

Beyond-the-classroom opportunities

On-campus productions—three each year—give students the opportunity to collaborate creatively with other students, faculty and artists-in residence.


This program is part of the Academy of Liberal Arts and Transfer. Click here for more information.

Additional resources

Articulation agreements

Common Course Outlines

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Arminta Wilson

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