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Visiting Student FAQ

Can I just register for the classes that I want to take?

If you are a MnSCU student and you meet all the requirements listed under the important note on this page, then yes, you can just register for MCTC classes via eServices.

If you are enrolled at a college or university outside the MnSCU system, simply submit a Visiting Student Registration form along with a copy of your unofficial college transcripts or placement test scores to be registered. You can fax the form and transcripts to 612-659-6245, scan and email to, send by mail, or drop it off in-person at the Student Services Center (T.2200).

If you plan to complete a program here (diploma, degree or certificate), or if you are an international student, you need to follow the admissions process.

Do I have to take the College placement test as a visiting student?

No, if you have met the placement testing requirements listed for the class you want to take already, you just need to submit your unofficial transcripts with your Visiting Student Registration form. As a visiting student, you do still need to meet prerequisite and placement requirements for the courses you want to take. If you haven't met them, you can take the placement test at MCTC.

Can I get financial aid?

Non-degree-seeking students are not eligible for financial aid from MCTC. To be eligible for financial aid, you must be seeking an award (degree, diploma, some certificates). If you are visiting us from another school, talk to your home institution about financial aid.

I have decided to seek an award, what do I need to do?

Apply to MCTC as a transfer student.

Where can I go for help? 

Admissions Advisors are located in Counseling & Advising (T.2500) and can meet with prospective students regarding admission to the college, programs and services available, and the steps to enrollment.

Do I have to attend a New Student Orientation? 

As a visiting student, you are not required to attend an orientation. When you activate your StarID you can access the intranet for current students.

How do I register for classes?

You will be registered for your classes as a visiting student by filling out the visiting student registration form as long as you have sent your unofficial transcripts showing you meet any required prerequisites or placement requirements. If there are any issues with your registration we will contact you via email.

How will I know which courses will transfer back to my school?

We recommend that you ask your home institution, or you can visit Transferology, an online tool that can help you plan for transfer.

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